If you are looking for a smart TV without unnecessary frills and for a competitive price, the LG OLED TV A2 is the perfect choice for you. The 4K TV is currently available for the lowest price on Amazon and Co.


It doesn’t always have to be a high-end TV. Even if Amazon has some strong Samsung TV deals to offer right now, it’s worth checking out LG’s A2, which scores particularly well when it comes to streaming.

The LG OLED A2 with 48 inches (121 centimeters) currently costs only 649 euros at Amazon, MediaMarkt and Saturn. This is the new low price for the cheap 4K Smart TV. Compared to the suggested retail price, you save no less than 58 percent.

LG OLED A2 with 48 inches at Amazon *

LG OLED A2: A smart TV made for streaming

With the A2, LG focuses on home cinema purists. The OLED display offers an excellent image with high contrast, because each pixel of the screen can be controlled individually. Especially with the 48-inch version, the difference in image quality compared to the more expensive models is hardly significant.

The fact that the A2 is significantly cheaper compared to the B2 and C2 is mainly due to the lower refresh rate. The A2 reaches a maximum of 60 Hertz, while the more expensive models reach 120 Hertz. This makes the A2 not very suitable for gaming, since you also have to do without an HDMI 2.1 connection. And sports broadcasts don’t run as smoothly as with a Smart TV with 120 Hertz.

LG OLED A2 with 48 inches at MediaMarkt*

If you mainly use your 4K TV for TV programs and streaming, then 60 Hertz is more than enough. Frame rates that are too high give films and series an artificial appearance. Here less is really more.

Deal highlight at Amazon: This LG OLED TV also takes on the expensive TV competition

That’s why the A2 is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to use their smart TV for sports and gaming. If you then operate the A2’s movie maker or cinema mode in the menu, you’ll get the most out of the LG OLED TV. In addition, Samsung’s 4K TV supports the Dolby Vision HDR format, which improves the image quality even further.

In terms of brightness, you have to make compromises with the A2. The screen provides significantly less brightness than the more expensive competition. It is therefore best to watch films and series in the darkened home cinema or in the evening. In daylight, the A2 reaches its limits when it comes to brightness.

LG OLED A2 with 48 inches at Saturn*

With the LG OLED TV A2 you get an excellent smart TV for your home cinema, Guest room or bedroom, which is specifically aimed at streaming fans and gives a great view. However, gamers and sports fanatics are better off looking around at a 4K TV with 120 Hertz.

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