She probably changed her outfit again! King Charles’ (74) solemn coronation ceremony was scheduled for Saturday. For this occasion, the members of the Royal Family dressed up properly! Princess Kate (41) and Prince William (40) showed up in traditional robes. The king’s daughter-in-law wore a blue, white and red robe and a silver floral ornament on her head. But a small detail was missing from Kate’s outfit!

How Mirror reported, Kate should have worn a very special necklace around her neck – Queen Elizabeth II’s Festoon Necklace (✝96). She had the piece of jewelry from her father, King George VI. receive. The necklace consists of three strands of 105 diamonds from George’s mother’s crown collection. However, it is unclear why Kate did not wear the accessory. Still, it is believed that it was removed so as not to overwhelm her noble coat.

Nevertheless, Kate wore a very special heirloom on her body, paying tribute to the late Princess Diana (✝36). These were pearl and diamond earrings that her mother-in-law had once worn.