Will it be a girl or another boy? Mario Götze (30) and his wife Ann-Kathrin (33) welcomed their first offspring into the world in 2020: son Rome. Recently, rumors have circulated that the beauty and the soccer star are expecting another baby. This has now been confirmed by the club of the kicker. Now the sex of Mario and Ann-Kathrin’s second child!

As the Picture reported, according to close friends, the model is said to be five months pregnant. The gender was probably already blurted out. According to the insiders expect Mario and his Ann-Kathrin after her son supposedly now a girl! The couple is said to have always wanted a second child.

After the team’s successful entry into the DFB Cup final marios Team a few days ago the news officially. “Second good news of the day: Mario Götze will be dad again! Congratulations to you and your wife Ann-Kathrin!”the account gave up Twitter known.

Source: celebtap.com