Between Ridley Scott’s “Alien” and James Cameron’s “Aliens”, daring Italians have jostled: “Alien – The Seed of Horror Returns” was sold as a gory sequel to mega success. Now the ex-indexripper returns to the home theater.

People used to be brutal in a different way than they are now: before studios like the “Sharknado” blacksmith Asylum confused with so-called mockbusters like “Transmorphers” or “Atlantic Rim”, there were mock sequels. In other words, movies that set themselves up as sequels to big hits – even though they were made independently of them. An infamous example is Alien, which was marketed as a sequel to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror classic Alien. Yes, the English movie title was even “Alien 2: On Earth”!

In Germany, the action was not so daring, but the free rider in the film angered the protection of minors: “Alien – The Seeds of Horror Return” has been indexed in its entirety and therefore only published abridged a few times. After the delisting, the sci-fi horror was initially released in a limited edition without an FSK stamp, it was recently released uncut from the age of 16 and is therefore now being reissued: On February 24, 2023, the movie, also known as “Alien 2”, will be released uncut in home theaters!

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In addition to the regular editions, two media books of the mock sequel will also be released:

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The media books are limited to 500 copies each and include the movie on both DVD and Blu-ray.

Would like a sequel: This is “Alien – The Seeds of Horror Return”!

As a NASA space capsule lands in the Pacific Ocean, scientist Thelma Joyce (Belinda Mayne) collapses in a television studio. The reason: she has damning premonitions that something menacing is about to happen to humanity. It soon turns out that she was right: when the capsule was recovered, it turned out that there was no trace of the crew. However, some kind of stone piques the interest of the crew investigating the case. What no one suspects: the rock is alive, murderous and almost unstoppable!

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director and author Ciro Ippolito acted quickly: he started working on “Alien 2” before the title of those responsible for “Alien” was trademarked. That is why the Italian filmmaker was allowed to choose his deliberately confusing film title. A prankster is also anyone who thinks that Ippolito only shot his sci-fi horror under the pseudonym of Sam Cromwell to sound more American and thus appear more believable as the creator of an “Alien” sequel.

And not only Ippolito acted under a pseudonym: the music for the “Alien” free rider came from Guido De Angelis and Maurizio De Angelis, who performed under the name The Oliver Onions – who in turn should be well known to fans of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

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Anyone who thinks that the Italian film industry relied on “Alien 2” is wrong. Because in addition to the film posing as a sequel, there were numerous productions that tried to swim with the “alien” wave through thematic similarities. One of those movies is Alien From the Deep.

It’s about an alien monster that looks a bit like throwing the eponymous characters from “Alien” and “Predator” into a blender with a crab. Unlike many similar films, “The Alien from the Depths” even made it to the cinemas in Germany. After numerous DVD releases by various labels, the film will celebrate its Blu-ray premiere on February 24 and a new DVD edition will also be released.

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In addition, a sci-fi movie from the film company Asylum, loved and hated by trash fans, will be released on the same day: “Alien Space Battle” is about a group of scientists and warriors who want to save resources on Saturn’s moon Titan – but rebels are attacked from there.

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In terms of content, James Cameron’s “Avatar – Aufbruch nach Pandora” greets vaguely and not Scott’s “Alien”. The cast includes “BloodRayne” star Michael Paré, directed by Noah Luke – and thus a true mockbuster expert. He was already responsible for “Thor – God Of Thunder”, “Moon Crash” and the direct “Avatar” version of “Battle For Pandora”, among others.

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