There is a lot to consider in the family of Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41). The parents of three children have to prepare their offspring for their future obligations and bring them up accordingly. But there are not only clear rules for the offspring – William and Kate’s employees also have to pay attention to certain things. It has now been revealed that the nanny of George (9), Charlotte (7) and Louis (4) is not allowed to use a certain word!

As in the book “Nanny in a Book” is described, the royal couple has very specific rules. For example, her nanny Teresa is not allowed to use a certain word. Teresa should not address the siblings with the word “children”, but address them individually by their first names: “This puts more emphasis on their individuality and gives them respect at the same time,” it says. The nanny seems to have mastered this rule very well, having worked for the British Royals since 2014.

It is no surprise that there are many rules for the royal offspring. The children are prepared and trained for their future positions from birth. It is also important for the royal family to communicate with the siblings so that they can understand the processes.