In the end, life made easy is a win for all participants! In the docu-soap, overweight candidates compete against each other in a weight loss competition. Once again this year, 20 candidates took on the challenges in the show and were all able to slim down quite a bit. Last Sunday it was clear: Valentina is the proud winner of the show. celebrity flash summarizes the craziest episodes of the season for you!

In addition to the proud winner, who started with 135 kilos on her ribs and finally weighed only 70 kilos, other participants were also able to achieve blatant success. Runner-up Daniel not only looks a lot slimmer, but also a lot happier – he lost a whopping 70 kilos!

Third-placed Ása also looks like a different person. She started out at around 250 pounds. Now the 48-year-old only weighs 74 kilos. The change in the candidate Leon is particularly visible. The 25-year-old started with 160 kilos and from now on he will probably be going through the world with a whole new quality of life.