Michael Wendler (50) seems to have overestimated himself. After the pop singer had been quiet for a long time, he and his wife made new headlines. The couple is expecting their first offspring together – a planned documentary by the two has been cancelled. Professionally, the musician wanted to start again, but without success. Michael’s appearance at Ballermann was canceled – and for the following reasons.

The 50-year-old was originally scheduled to perform at Krümels Stadl in Mallorca on April 30, but his performance will not take place. The owner revealed to Picture Michaels Wishes: “Back then, the fee was less than 7,000 euros for an appearance. This time, Wendler wanted a whopping 25,000 euros!” But he also had certain ideas when it came to comfort: “Also had Michael Wendler Business class flights, accommodation in a five-star luxury hotel and a shuttle service are required. Those were really blatant demands.”

Instead, another celebrity is to take his place. None other than Peter Klein (55) should Michael substitute. “Since he lives in Mallorca, it’s obvious that we want to try him as an artist”explained owner Marion Pfaff Picture.

Source: celebtap.com