She was in great pain. Alessia Herren (21) and her partner have been going through life together for several years. In October last year, the daughter of the late reality star Willi Herren (✝45) announced her pregnancy. A few days ago the time had finally come and the influencer’s daughter was born – and has been making her parents overjoyed ever since. now there alessia more insights into Anisa-Amalia’s birth!

“These labor pains were so incredibly painful, I thought I was dying”she admits during a question and answer session in her Instagram-Story price. She took all sorts of painkillers: “Whether it was suppositories, epidurals, infusions or nitrous oxide, I took everything, everything! The contractions were so bad,” reveals alessia. They started at 3 p.m. on Saturday and our little princess was born on Sunday at 1:04 p.m.,” the beauty says happily.

But not everything was bad, reports alessia further: “The birth itself was just fantastically beautiful, I didn’t feel anything.” Her husband was also there. “We stayed in the hospital together as a family for three days after the birth,” she lets her curious fans know.