Would the dispute between Jakub Merlan-Jarecki (27) and Nikola Glumac have escalated? When Prominent separated, the two reality stars got into a heated argument. The footballer fought with Niko and his wife Gloria because he thought Gloria was suppressing her ex. That was too much for the male model too: he defended himself and had a heated discussion with Jakub. Now Gloria hints that there were even threats of violence.

In a InstagramA fan asks Gloria why she didn’t ask Jakub in the “Prominent Separated” villa what he wanted to threaten her with. “If you listen to what Niko says… He asked Jakub: ‘Do you think we’re in a boxing match or what?’ Then you can put one and one together with what Jakub could have threatened“Says the blonde. Does she want to suggest that the argument between the two almost became violent? At least only a small part of the argument was shown. A lot was cut out.

Even if Jakub didn’t use his fists, he verbally attacked Gloria. And his choice of words also stunned the fans of “Prominent Separated”. At Instagram many users vented their horror: “Totally aggressive and antisocial behavior.” A viewer also said that Jakub was “the worst” with his behavior in the current episode.

Source: celebtap.com