Battle of the Reality Stars really gets going! In the current episode of the reality TV format, the dispute between Emmy Russ (24) and Evanthia Benetatou (31) continued to escalate. The two women will no longer be friends. Peggy Jerofke is also angry because Matthias Mangiapane (39) made a negative comment to her. The candidates use their resentment and their personal views to kick out their competitors. These contenders for the title of Reality Star 2023 now had to leave the show!

In the sixth hour of truth, all residents must again distribute a coin to their comrades-in-arms. emmy actually gets the most talers in the end! In her closing speech, she explains: “I find it difficult to connect with people.” The model is sorry. However, she later pushes: “I’ve met the wrongest people ever here.” She even wishes that they never have success in their lives again and don’t begrudge anyone the win.

Already announced in the middle of the episode Matthew the sacking of a competitor: “We have chosen you, Daniel.” His allies emmy mourned his exit. “There are only rats and snakes around me now,” complained the blonde. Daniel had already suspected that the Berlin – day & night actress would also go later. At the end of the show, Paul Janke (41) surprisingly had to go too.