Heidi Klum (49) radically sorts out. In the latest episode of Germany’s next top model, a big surprise awaited the 13 remaining candidates: Six followers, including five best-ager models, finally moved into the villa! However, this not only caused enthusiasm among the young models, Anya in particular found the situation unfair. But she didn’t even have to get used to the new ones: Heidi throws out two followers straight away!

In order to make the conditions fair for everyone, the six new models had to catch up on a lot: the comp card shoot, the high-fashion walk in designer clothes Yannik Zamboni and a sexy walk in underwear. But not all followers could Heidi convince: Just arrived, the best-ager models had to zuzel and Charlene are packing their bags again. “Your hip movement was your undoing,” explained Heidi the 50 year old zuzel – Charlene’s laundry went wrong.

But it didn’t stay with this decision: At the end of the show, all models had to go back onto the catwalk with an improvised, crazy walk. Then it was screened again – this time it hit Leonawhich is in direct comparison with Mirella had done worse. “I really can’t walk right now. I know I can, […] I really do everything! […] I really want it so much,” said the 21-year-old in tears afterwards.

Source: celebtap.com