Tierra Whack Biography, Age, Family, Facts About The Rapper

Tierra Whack Biography, Age, Family, Facts About The Rapper

Multi-talented and highly praised music star Tierra Whack has indeed come a long way. Her career as a rapper, singer, and songwriter dates back to her teenage years when she performed under the stage name Dizzle Dizz. In 2017 she finally returned to her birth name and the following year she released her first studio album Whack World. The album was ranked among the Top 20 albums of 2018 and also earned the singer widespread reviews. Among other highlights of her flourishing career, the video for her 2017 single Mumbo Jumbo was nominated for the Best Music Video Award at the 61st Grammy Awards.

Tierra Whack Biography (Age)

She was born on August 11, 1995, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as Tierra Helena Whack. Tierra began writing poetry as a young child, and as she grew up, she also became an extraordinary spoken-word performer. While in high school, she and her friends were allowed to recite the closing number from the film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit during a singing recital at school, and she recorded the rap verse. She attended the Benjamin Rush Art Academy and majored in singing. Tierra was also one of the few black students at the school. She later completed her high school education in Atlanta, Georgia, after her family moved there.

Tierra Whack – Biography, Age, Family, Facts About The Rapper
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Her Music Career

As a teenager, she took the stage name Dizzle Dizz and in 2011 she appeared in a freestyle video produced by the Philadelphia-based music crew We Run the Streets. In addition to the collaboration, the talented teenager also released her own tracks, one of which was entitled “Dizzy Rascvls”. She moved with her family to Georgia and returned to her home state of Philadelphia in 2015 after spending a few years there.

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Back in her hometown, she reunited with some of her colleagues, one of whom was a sound engineer and music producer named Kenete Simms. After two more years in the underground music circle, the talented musician was finally ready to become a star in 2017. In March 2017, she resumed her birth name “Tierra Whack” as her stage name, whereupon she dropped several singles, including “Toe Jam” and “S- Happens”.

One of Whack’s biggest hits in 2017 was the hip-hop track “Mumbo Jumbo”. The song was accompanied by a music video in which the young rapper performed his incomprehensible lyrics with a mouthpiece. Among other highlights of 2017, she also went on tour with her rapper colleague Flying Lotus.

After releasing a handful of singles in a relatively short time, Tierra Whack decided to release her first full-length album, Whack World, in May 2018. The 15-track album was mainly produced by her longtime collaborator Kenete Simms with contributions from other producers such as Nick Verruto, J Melodic, RicandThadeus, DJ Fly Guy, and Scott Styles. The album was highly praised by the critics, especially because of the unusual fact that each of the 15 tracks was exactly one minute long. Whack World was eventually ranked among the top 20 albums of 2018 by Billboard, Complex, Pitchfork, and several other magazines.

Also in 2018, Tierra Whack performed with his fellow rapper 6lack on his world tour “From East Atlanta with Love”. In October 2018 she finally traveled to Tokyo, Japan, as part of a so-called artistic sabbatical. After her return from the break, she worked with the music superstars Meek Mill and Childish Gambino. She is scheduled to perform at several major music festivals, including the Coachella Music Festival 2019.

Tierra Whack – Biography, Age, Family, Facts About The Rapper
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Tierra Whack Family

Tierra Whack has a small family consisting of her mother and two siblings. Apparently, she has become estranged from her biological father and was raised by her mother. Interestingly, the talented rapper prefers to keep her mother away from the prying eyes of the media, although she mentions her very often in her interviews. One might assume that she wants to keep her family away from the hard ordeal that comes with fame so that she can continue to lead a normal life.

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Other Facts About The Rapper

1. Since February 19, 2019, Tierra Whack has been releasing a song every week in the run-up to her performance at the 2019 Coachella Music Festival. The singles she has released include “Only Child”, “CLONES”, “Gloria”, “Wasteland” and “Unemployed”.

2. Whack is known to have a severe insect allergy. This fact forms the basis for the music video of their 2018 released title “Bugs Life”.

3. While an encounter with bugs could send her to the emergency room, Tierra Whack has no problems with pets. The talented rapper owns a cat named Starkey.

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