Tiger Woods (47) is again facing serious allegations. The professional golfer was with the restaurant manager for a total of six years Erica Herman together. But after the love-off, a violent mud fight followed. In March, the brunette then sued her ex’s trust company for damages. Erica’s new lawsuit is now aimed directly at Tiger, accusing him of sexually harassing her.

According to Erica, the golf pro coerced her into a sexual relationship while she was employed at The Woods restaurant. The American also claims that she was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement. You should have used your job as a means of pressure. Daily Mail There is a document from Erica’s lawyer that says, “A boss who imposes different working conditions on his employees because of their sexual relationship is sexual harassment.”

But not only Erica is said to have been forced into a non-disclosure agreement. During the ongoing legal dispute between the former lovebirds, the professional golfer’s ex-affair also spoke up Radar Online reported. She was also coerced into covering up Tiger’s bad behavior.

Source: celebtap.com