Ana (29) and Tim Johnson are quite sure about this! The influencer and her husband have been trying to have a child for a while now. After the sixth embryo transfer and two miscarriages, it finally worked: The beauty is pregnant! The couple keeps their followers up to date on the progressing pregnancy online. Her child’s face want Ana and Tim not present on the internet!

“We will not show our child’s face on the internet”the father-to-be states in an interview Picture clear. Because the couple is aware of the dangers that lurk online. “I think it’s okay to take a photo from behind, but there won’t be any photos of our child on the beach or anything like that,” says Ana.

A few days ago, the pregnant woman gave opposite celebrity flash At the launch of the TK-Maxx online shop in the Supercandy Pop-Up Museum in Cologne, there was also an update: “I’m doing quite well. The last few weeks and the last few years and months have been very, very turbulent.” Due to their setbacks with the pregnancies, the couple also have to struggle with fears from time to time. “But we’re getting a little bit more confident from week to week”explained Ana.