Tim Heidecker Wife, Divorce, Net Worth, Height, Other Facts

Tim Heidecker Wife, Divorce, Net Worth, Height, Other Facts

Tim Heidecker lives for entertainment and has established himself in the industry as a man with multiple identities. For many, he is an actor, author, director, and producer. Some would call the man a comedian, others would call him a clown, just as we would insist that he is a musician as well.

Born Timothy Richard Heidecker on February 3, 1976, in Allentown Pennsylvania, the American is probably best known as one of the members of the two-man comedy group Tim & Eric.

Tim and Eric Wareheim have been working together since 2004. This, as well as other basic facts about Tim’s entertainment efforts, is well known. Can this be said about his private life? Here are the things we’ve uncovered about his wife, the divorce speculation that has recently put a strain on his marriage and assets. This piece confirms Tim’s greatness and equally shares other facts relating to various aspects of the comedian’s life

Tim Heidecker Wife, Divorce, Net Worth, Height, Other Facts
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Tim Heidecker Wife and Divorce

It is fair to say that Tim Heidecker is one of those popular entertainers who would not satisfy their fans with a wealth of information about their private lives. For reasons that Tim knows best, he has kept details of his love life in his heart. He is not one of those celebrities who were romantically involved with several partners. As far as we know, Tim Heidecker was romantically involved with the woman he married sometime in 2007 – Marilyn Porayko.

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Now it is almost impossible for someone to say when the affair between Tim and Marilyn began. It is not known when they started dating, nor when they got engaged; the story of their affection for each other is best known. Nevertheless, it is known that the man’s wife is an actress and that she is quite famous. With the nickname, Chuck, Tim’s wife was born, as we learned, on December 20, 1979, and her birthplace was in Canada.

Although she is quite famous as an actress, it is not common knowledge that she also boasts as a producer. Our efforts to find out more about Marilyn’s professional achievements have not led to any result of great importance. All we could find out was that she appeared in the role of Amy in the cast of Nicholas Acosta and Laura Azevedo’s movie Twelve (2015) directed by Laura Azevedo, as a woman who got a parking ticket in her husband’s Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, and as a party girl in Lapse, a short action-drama movie directed by Juan Jose De La Cruz in 2010.

As far as we know, the union of Marilyn and Tim has resulted in the birth of Amelia Heidecker, their daughter in August 2013, and Charlie (son) in October 2016.

Not so long ago, it was rumored that the marriage between Marilyn and Tim had reached the end of its days. It was widely speculated that for Tim everything was ready to separate from his wife. The man hinted that the speculation was true when he appeared as a clown with his career partner on the late-night show with Stephen Colbert.

Tim Heidecker Wife, Divorce, Net Worth, Height, Other Facts

Tim Heidecker Net Worth

The wealth of entertainers has always been a topic of interest to their fans and the public in general. Tim Heidecker’s case is no different, one often encounters questions about the man’s financial status and investments.

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The search for knowledge about the man’s assets was intensified when he confirmed that he was going through a divorce process with his wife, everyone wanted to know what his assets were and what would remain after the divorce was finalized.

Due to the questions asked about Tim’s financial situation, it quickly circulated that the value of the entertainer’s assets was $2.5 million. Although we have not been able to verify this figure, it is imperative to note that the amount is only an estimate of his net worth and may not represent the true value of the boy’s assets.

Height and Other Facts About Tim

1. He is six feet one.

2. Tim received the 2008 Webby Award for the best actor. This was in recognition of his achievements as a member of the comedy group Tim and Eric.

3. He made his film debut in 2001 in the horror film The Attic Expeditions.

4. His career as a musician began with various rock bands in Philadelphia.

5. Mr. Heidecker was a student at Allentown Central Catholic High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He then attended Temple University in Philadelphia.

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