Jane Seymour (72) still has it on! The actress has been in front of the camera for more than 50 years and has starred in numerous TV and film productions. Especially with her role as the seductive Bond girl Solitaire in “Live and Let Die” she made many men’s hearts beat faster. Even with her now 72 years, she feels jane still happy in her body – She now proves that with a sexy red carpet look!

At an event organized by the media company AMC Networks, the “Dr. Quinn” fame posed with a big smile in the paparazzi’s flashbulbs. For the event threw himself jane also very special in shell: She wore a tight-fitting, knee-length dress with black fabric ruffles that perfectly showcased her toned body. To do this, she combined a chain with a sparkling butterfly pendant and a diamond ring. The beauty wore her red hair in loose waves over her shoulders.

The fact that she still shines so flawlessly in front of the camera at the age of 72 should be apparent janes special camera trick. Through her many years of film experience, she knows how to deal with the lighting. “When the light comes from above, I get bags under my eyes. So I need something aimed straight at me”she explained to Definition Magazine.

Source: celebtap.com