Tina Barrett (46) now reports after the death of bandmate Paul Cattermole (46). The singer and British actor had both been members of the band S Club 7 and had enjoyed great success with them – but the group split in the early 2000s. This year they wanted to celebrate a reunion, yes Paul died suddenly at the age of 46. So far, only his bandmate Jo O’Meara (43) has spoken publicly. But now also found tina touching words on the web.

“Thank you for all your congratulations and support at this tragic time”wrote the 46-year-old on her Instagramchannel while sharing a recording of the entire six-piece band announcing a poem expressing their feelings about the loss of Paul processed. “Paul Cattermole, a shining star full of character and life. His flame burned so brightly, a rebel without a reason,” are the first four lines of the poem, which she ended with: “Your star shines so brightly in our hearts forever . Sleep well and good night.”

bandmate yeahwho only spoke up on Tuesday morning, wrote down Twitter: “I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the people who have shown so much love and compassion over the past few days after Paul gone from us.”

Source: celebtap.com