The music world mourns the loss of a legend. On Wednesday evening it was announced that Tina Turner (✝83) is dead. According to media reports, the singer died after a long illness in her adopted home of Zurich – a hard blow for all fans of “The Best” interpreter. But the American had also had to cope with a severe blow of fate before her death: Tina’s beloved son died unexpectedly in December.

On December 8th, news broke that Ronnie Turner (✝62) had been found dead at the age of 62. The common son of tina and her ex Ike Turner (✝76) is said to have previously suffered from breathing problems. As it later came out, a metastasizing colon carcinoma caused the death of the young musicians – ronnie had previously had cancer.

Ronnie was the only biological child that tina together with Ike had. The songwriter also adopted two offspring from her partner at the time. Her relationship with Raymond Hill also produced a son – Raymond Craig committed suicide in 2018.