Two-time Academy Award winner Hillary Swank is stalked by The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan in horror thriller The Resident — and legendary actor Christopher Lee, as his grandfather, is also involved.

“The Resident” is a horror thriller that has no shortage of excellent actors. Leading actress Hillary Swank was one of the big stars in Hollywood at the turn of the millennium, winning two Oscars within a few years for her performances in “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Million Dollar Baby”.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, on the other hand, became really popular with his appearances in series such as “Supernatural” and “The Walking Dead” and made himself immortal with his performance as Negan in the zombie series. As if that wasn’t enough star power, Christopher Lee is also part of “The Resident” for a brief appearance. So the actor who has been arguably more iconic as Saruman in The Lord of the Rings, Count Dooku in Star Wars, The Man With The Golden Gun in the Bond film of the same name, and many times as Dracula in British Hammer horror films has embodied roles than anyone.

The horror thriller will be broadcast on Tele 5 today, February 17, 2023 at 10 p.m. If you don’t have time tonight but are still interested in the movie, you can rent it as a VOD from Amazon for a rental fee with just a few clicks.

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This is the resident

But why is “The Resident” at all?

Juliet Devereau (Hillary Swank) decides to start a new life in Brooklyn after breaking up with her boyfriend Jack (Lee Pace). She can hardly believe it when she gets a beautiful and spacious loft apartment for an affordable price, of which landlord Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) initially makes a very sympathetic impression. Although Max’s grandfather, August (Christopher Lee), who also lives there, is a bit eccentric, she thinks she can live with that.

However, it soon turns out that Max is downright in love with Juliet. But since Juliet still has feelings for her ex, she doesn’t give him a chance. But Max doesn’t give up that easily and becomes more and more pushy. Gradually, Juliet discovers the truth behind her supposed dream apartment…

Is the horror thriller with Jeffrey Dean Morgan worth watching?

Unfortunately, if the opinion of the vast majority of English-speaking critics is yours, then the answer is probably no. Because according to review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, “The Resident” has only 34 percent positive reviews. Sheer acting talent apparently doesn’t seem enough to make “The Resident” a gripping thriller.

However, that doesn’t mean you might not like the movie. After all, a third of the reviews are positive and “The Resident” could be worth a look, especially for fans of Hillary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Don’t expect a masterpiece though…

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