He was under pressure! Tom Brady (45) is a former football quarterback and played in the National Football League for many years. Off the field he is also the proud father of three children. While some of the kids follow in his footsteps, Gisele Bundchen’s son (42) and him enjoy other sports. Now Gisele said that Benjamin was even bullied because of it!

In an interview with Vanity Fair Gisele now spoke about this challenging time. “Sporting pressures of being Tom’s son led to bullying in Boston after a baseball game”, reported the model. Although their children are all naturally talented in sports, that does not mean that they all have to pursue the same sport as Tom. Son Benjamin is more enthusiastic about sports such as surfing or skiing.

Father Tom didn’t understand for a long time that Benjamin had other interests than him. But at some point his former wife Gisele said to him: “Can you please understand that your son is different?” In the meantime, the former football star has gotten used to his son’s interests. Benjamin seems to enjoy it: “When we do what he wants, we have the best time together,” chatted Tom out of the box.

Source: celebtap.com