“Ohne Limit” convinces with entertaining action, imaginative camera work, fast editing and a winding plot. Tonight, tune in for the star-studded movie trip that plays with dystopian sci-fi elements.

Albert Einstein is said to have once said that people only use ten percent of their brains’ true potential. It really doesn’t matter if the Nobel laureate actually said this or if the quote was simply put into the mouth by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, as claimed by various sources, to promote his own agenda. It should be certain that each of us would be mentally capable of more, at least in theory.

How the full exploitation of our cognitive faculties, for example with the help of nootropics, could then end, shows us “The Illusionist” director Neil Burger in his fast-paced glossy thriller “Ohne Limit”. Starring The Hangover and Silver Lining star Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro (GoodFellas, Heat) and Abbie Cornish (Jack Ryan).

“Ohne Limit” will be broadcast today, February 21, 2023, at 10:55 PM on Kabel 1. If the date doesn’t suit you, you can currently stream the FSK 16 title with a regular subscription from WOW TV (formerly Sky Ticket).

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Netflix tip with 4 Marvel stars: That this sci-fi horror masterpiece never made it to the cinema in Germany is an impertinence! “Ohne Limit” on Cable 1: That’s the story

Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) lives in New York City and is a writer – at least he would like to be one. Because with the work on his first book he has made little or no progress for years. Moreover, his girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) has now left him. So times can really get better when he bumps into Vernon (Johnny Whitworth), the brother of his ex-wife Melissa (Anna Friel).

He gives Eddie a taste of the experimental drug NZT-48. Taking such a pill puts the human brain into high gear within moments, allowing even the smallest information and memory to be retrieved and processed completely without loss. Eddie is enthusiastic about the effects of the drug and immediately orders more.

Gaumont Distribution Bradley Cooper (left) and Robert De Niro

When Vernon is found shot to death in his apartment a short time later, Eddie’s high-altitude flight is initially unaffected. After all, he knows where the ex-brother-in-law hid his stash. With his help, he finished his novel within four days, learned several foreign languages ​​at the same time and was also very successful on the stock exchange.

Almost in no time, Eddie is filthy rich, overrun by beautiful women, promoted to literary star and best friend of mega-finance mogul Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro). Shortly afterwards, however, the first side effects begin to become noticeable, and Vernon’s killers are now closing in on him…

“Ohne Limit” – fast and entertaining

Despite a promising, fascinating sci-fi premise, “Ohne Limit”‘s thematic underpinnings may not be the most solid. The CELEBTAP review, which awarded three out of five possible stars, calls the film a fast-paced and always entertaining thriller that is suspenseful, even hyperactive at times.

Our author Christian Horn particularly praises the film’s visuals and staging. With quick cuts and a nervously pulsating score by Paul Leonard-Morgan (“Dredd”), the rapid implementation of the main character’s intoxication experience is intensified. Lead cameraman Jo Willems (“The Hunger Games 2-4”) breathlessly propels the audience’s immersive experience through the American metropolis of New York City to a climax that is occasionally reminiscent of Google Street View in glossy format.

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“Ohne Limit” is based on the novel by the American author Alan Glynn, which is called “Stoff” (original English title: “The Dark Fields”) in the German translation. The adaptation, written by Leslie Dixon (“The Thomas Crown Affair”), recouped its $27 million budget in its first week of release in North America alone. A worldwide hit movie, “Ohne Limit” was able to generate more than a pleasing 161.8 million total for the studio at the worldwide box office. In addition, there is of course substantial income from streaming and the haptic home theater formats.

Gaumont Distribution Director Neil Burger (l.) and Bradley Cooper on the set of “Ohne Limit”.

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Due to the great success of “Ohne Limit”, rumors of a sequel quickly spread. However, in 2013 it was announced that a TV series would be produced instead. When “Limitless” began airing on American television two years later, Bradley Cooper acted as producer, returning to his original role as Eddie Morra in a total of four of the 22 episodes. The lead roles, meanwhile, were played by Cooper’s “American Sniper” co-star Jake McDorman, “Dexter” fan favorite Jennifer Carpenter, Hill Harper (“CSI: New York”) and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (“Scarface”, “Abyss”).

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