Tony Horton Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

Tony Horton Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

It is not an easy task to go from being an obese and anxious young man to a nationally sought-after fitness trainer. As a fitness trainer, author, and actor, Tony Horton has made a name for himself as one of America’s leading wellness and fitness experts.

Tony Horton’s Bio, Age

Tony Horton was born on 2 July 1958 in Westerly, a small town in Rhode Island, USA. His birth name was Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr. and he was one of three children of his parents, Jean Horton and Anthony Sawyer Horton. His two siblings were both girls. His father, Anthony Sr., was part of the U.S. Army where he served as 1st Lieutenant for three years. His years of service meant that he was stationed at various bases around the country. As a result, his family moved around a lot, and by the time Anthony Jr. was 10 years old, the Hortons had moved more than five times. Anthony Jr. and his sisters grew up mainly in Trumbull, Connecticut. Since his father was a member of the armed forces, he was fit, but not necessarily obsessed. He was a minor-league baseball player, but he was also a golfer and sailor.

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Tony wasn’t cut out for fitness from a young age because he called himself a “98-pound weakling” with a speech impediment. So how did he turn everything around? While studying at the University of Rhode Island, Tony Horton became interested in fitness and was attracted to weightlifting. After graduating, he went on a road trip and soon after landed in California, where he decided to pursue a screen career. While working on getting himself in shape, Horton met an executive at 20th Century Fox and became his personal trainer, working from his garage, with each lesson billed at $20.

Tony Horton – Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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While in California, he joined the World Gym in Venice, California. The gym also boasted memberships from people like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was here that Tony began taking notes while watching others train. Soon after his appearance with the management, his clientele began to grow, and soon he had Tom Petty, Annie Lennox, Billy Idol, and others.

Horton had his sights set clearly on where he wanted to go. His training and fitness sessions focused on balance, speed, and flexibility, combining a range of exercise programs from the circuit, cross, and interval training, advanced stretching, strength and resistance training, cardiovascular/aerobic training, kickboxing, and yoga. All this was to form the basis of his famous fitness program P90X and its sequels.

On his way to becoming a household name in body fitness, Horton began as a fitness trainer for stars of the entertainment industry and beyond. Horton first joined musician Tom Petty, who followed Horton’s system and was soon in incredible shape. Tony soon received calls from various stars and soon founded ASH Fitness in Santa Monica.

Horton was hired by Touchstone Pictures to condition the entire cast of the film The 13th Warrior, in which Antonio Banderas starred. Tony met the president of Beach Body, Carl Daikeler, in 1996. Two years later, when Beach Body was founded in 1998, Tony was persuaded to share his knowledge. His first Beach Body product was Great Body Guaranteed, followed by a number of other products, including the famous P90X.

Tony Horton – Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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Horton married his long-time girlfriend Shawna Brannon in 2015. The couple can be seen in many of his videos that go through the sessions.

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Is Tony Horton Gay?

There have been articles suggesting that Tony’s various fitness programs may be homosexually predisposed, and so there are many rumors about Horton’s sexuality. However, since he is married to Shawna, it is safe to say that he is not gay unless he opens up in the future.

Tony Horton Net Worth

Tony Horton launched the Power 90 home program in 2001. His most famous work, P90X or Power 90 Extreme, was created in 2004 and as it is his most famous work, it sold up to four million copies in six years. Between 2011 and 2013 he released P90X2 and P90X3. Apart from fitness programs, Horton has several books in his possession, including “Bring It”, “Crush It”. He is estimated to be worth up to $20 million and lives in California.

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