Peggy Jerofke is angry. In the battle of the reality stars, the celebrities face small and large challenges again and again. Some stars like Emmy Russ (24) and Evanthia Benetatou (31) keep bumping into each other – the two women are in tatters. But not only with the two TV stars, Sarah Knappik (36) also offends again and again. For another celebrity lady, a comment on her person now clearly goes too far.

Matthias Mangiapane (39) and Jay Sirtl had to decide who had to leave the sala on the spot. First he sets up the word peggy. “Peggy, we don’t see much of you. I really like you and just thinking about that first sentence!” The blonde asks in disbelief: “What else do you want to see from me?” Later in the interview she says: “Understood, Matthew, tomorrow is a nomination. Hey fuck you, bye!”

The next day, however, the situation seems to have calmed down again. “I think I really got into it yesterday. Suddenly you get an announcement like that. Then I think you would think about it first.”she reviews the evening in conversation with Eva.