Stella Stegmann and Anna Strigl make it official! The two took part in the first season of Too Hot To Handle: Germany and were looking for love there. They sparked on the show and even kissed, but nothing came of it. Now they’ve gotten closer beyond the cameras: Anna and Stella are now officially a couple!

On Instagram Stella is now sharing a video with Anna, confirming that they are in a relationship. “Yes we are together! Not in a monogamous relationship though! We would call it an open/poly relationship!”, explains the model. They got to know each other over the past few months and tested out how it is for both of them. But now they want to share their happiness with the whole world.

In another clip, Stella and Anna also share a bit more about their story. “In fact, for a very long time I thought that I could only imagine a relationship with a man, until I fell in love with a woman for the first time,” Stella admits and proudly shows her Anna. “On Valentine’s Day we actually had our first time”the two then continue.