Does Katie Price (44) feel remorse? With his numerous beauty operations, the former pit slut made as many headlines as with his fast-paced private life. The British woman has had her breasts done many times in recent years – but her face has also been properly doctored: Her teeth, lips, cheeks and eyebrows are all done. She has also had numerous Botox treatments and liftings. But it has to be so slow Katie admit: After all the operations, she no longer thinks she is beautiful!

In the “The Jeremy Vine Show” the 44-year-old now gave an honest interview about her appearance: “I’m not happy anymore. Just this morning I looked in the mirror and I thought, ‘I’m so ugly.’ Then I thought, ‘You really shouldn’t do anything else with that face.'” Katie continued: “Do you know this operated look? That’s exactly what I have now.” Then the mother of five assured: “Not that it would bother me because I did it to myself – but sometimes you should take a little back …”

Finally quipped Katie: “The fact is, I’ve had more breast augmentations than men I’ve slept with — and that’s a good thing.” And how many is that exactly? “I actually don’t know how many breast augmentations I’ve had. I had my first one done when I was 18 and then got bigger and smaller, bigger and smaller again, over and over again…” But the influencer will ever get out of this break the vicious circle? Probably not: “Now that I’m in my 40s, I’ll have everything done to me.”