Amazon is one of the leading online shopping platforms. While it offers convenience and a wide variety of products at competitive prices, shopping at Amazon is prone to scams and fraud. The most common Amazon scams include fake sellers, credit and debit card theft, identity theft, low quality products, etc.

These risks make customers wonder if Amazon is safe for online payments and if there are steps they can take to protect themselves. Below are 5 precautions to take when shopping online on Amazon to avoid being scammed.

  1. Beware of fake Amazon order confirmation

One of the tricks scammers use is sending unsuspecting consumers fake order confirmation emails with links to complete the order. This is a phishing attempt to get someone to provide their personal information. In other cases, the malicious links contain spyware to access customers’ personal information.

Amazon warns its customers to be careful when receiving unexpected emails, messages or links about a product purchase. Consumers should not click on suspicious links or provide their personal information. Instead, they need to log in directly to their Amazon account to check if they have any open orders.

Let’s say they determine that the order confirmation is fake. In that case, shoppers should report the phishing attempt to Amazon Customer Service by reporting suspicious activity via the self-service tool or email [email protected]

  1. Check the seller’s reputation before ordering from them

Check potential product reviews from previous customers to determine if they have a track record of providing quality products and excellent customer service. Aside from the rating, customers should also read both positive and negative online reviews.

Shoppers should watch out for fake reviews. Such reviews lack details and give vague praise. They often have poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Buyers can further gauge the reputation of the product and the seller by checking customer feedback on review websites such as

  1. Pay attention to the product details

Please read the product descriptions, including specifications and features, carefully. Customers should pay attention to product dimensions, weight, materials used to make them, special features, etc.

For example, if you buy clothes, the materials used can make them stretchy. Consequently, sizing may vary so that a large size would fit well, while a medium would be suitable if the material is stretchy. Therefore, buyers should refer to the size chart and other consumer reviews to determine whether the products meet their requirements.

  1. Protect personal information

Amazon takes customer privacy seriously, but it’s always a good idea for customers to take extra precautions to protect their personal information. For example, use a strong, unique password to log into an Amazon account to avoid being hacked.

One should also avoid clicking links or downloading attachments from unknown sources. It is recommended to use a separate email address and credit card for online shopping to reduce the risk of potential fraud.

  1. Be careful with third party sellers

Avoid sellers requesting payment outside Amazon’s payment system. All transactions must be completed on Amazon. Shoppers should never send money directly to sellers via Paypal, wire transfer, Venmo, etc.

It is also important to buy only from authorized sellers. For example, there may be several sellers selling Nike shoes on Amazon. Some may not be authorized distributors for Nike. Therefore, it would be best to buy from Nike’s Amazon store.

The last word

Amazon is a convenient and reliable online shopping platform, but it is not immune to scams and fraud. To ensure a pleasant experience, shoppers should take precautions to avoid Amazon scams and fraud.

These precautions include being wary of fake order confirmations, verifying the seller’s reputation, paying attention to product details, protecting personal information, and being careful with third-party sellers. Customers should also keep online shopping activity on separate email addresses and credit cards.