Is the new format coming?Rate My Date“To the audience? After comedian Ralf Schmitz (48) passed his dating show Take Me Out to his colleague Jan Köppen (40), his new program became known in April 2023. He will try again to find a partner for life in lonely hearts find – but the single and his family have to decide on the same applicant! But in the first episode of Ralf’s viewers seem unsure of the new show…

At Twitter is already busy about Ralph brand new format discussed. The audience seems to have mixed opinions. The problem seems to be mainly the concept of the show. “I’m probably too old. I don’t understand the concept at all,” wonders a user. Another says: “Find the concept somehow … strange? Somehow I’m more on the tube than others.” While some of the community is still wondering how the show works, others have already made their verdict: “Phew, Sat.1, unfortunately this is one of the worst shows you’ve put out in recent years. It causes pain.”

But some viewers also feel quite entertained! “So far I’m really enjoying ‘Rate My Date’. Pretty entertaining.”, says one commenter. “‘Rate My Date’ with Ralph Schmitz it’s actually quite entertaining. But with ‘take me out‘ Unfortunately, he’s still missing a lot,” says another wistfully.