Openness is important to her! Christina Aguilera’s (42) Kids Max Liron and Summer Rain are her be-all and end-all. Together with her loved one Matthew Ruther (37) she wants to offer them both a good life – but she also wants to prepare them for important things. This includes not only important wisdom in relation to financial issues, for example, but the singer also wants to teach her children early on in another area: Christina enlightens her kids early on about sex!

In the talk with People the 42-year-old explains that it is important to her to convey to her children that they can always come to her with any questions. “The conversation of conversations is nothing to be afraid of and the subject of sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of.”, says the “Fighter” interpreter. But she goes on to say that overall, when it comes to sex education, it’s important to know your audience and not overwhelm them with information.

“It’s just important that I’m honest. But I never want to teach my kids anything that makes them afraid of certain things even more than they already are.”expresses Christina. She explains that shamelessness is very important when it comes to sex – which the “Beautiful” interpreter probably embodies regularly herself. She is often very revealing on social media.