Valentina Pahde’s (28) last scene is imminent. Last year, the actress surprisingly announced that she would like to take an indefinite break from GZSZ. At the end of January the time had come: The series star was in front of the camera for the last time for the popular Daily. She can still be seen on TV, but the fans will have to say goodbye to her for good next week. But how will Valentina GZSZ actually leave?

Warning, spoilers!

In an interview with RTL chats Wolfgang Bahro (62), what will happen in the last scene of the 28-year-old. “Sunny says goodbye to her grandfather Jo, gets in a taxi that takes her to the airport, from where she flies to the United States to get a job with an architect in Boston.”, says the TV star, giving hope to the blonde’s fans. A return to the Daily is therefore for Valentina not excluded!

Already on March 27th the time has come – valentines tearful farewells flicker across the TV screen. But how will the Daily continue without Sunny? “First of all, W&L has massive problems finding a replacement for Sunny. Then it hits Jo Gerner very much that he is now losing his granddaughter and she is going to America. But there are also signs of new problems in the relationship between Laura and Yvonne, who are also very busy”, teases Wolfgang Bahro. So it remains exciting for the fans of the early evening series!