This farmer is a real eye-catcher! At Bauer sucht Frau International the lonely one gets it John the chance to find the love of your life. In return, attractive singles pay him a visit to his farm in the Vienna region. It remains to be seen whether the 26-year-old will find happiness on the show. But one detail could make the singles sweat a lot: Johannes has already appeared as an erotic male model in the young farmers’ calendar!

Across from men media the horse owner revealed how the model job came about: “I found out about it through social media. Since I’m also taking part in ‘Bauer sucht Frau’ and am looking for a man, I thought to myself: ‘Why not?'” The modeling was a great experience for the Austrian. “It was a lot of fun! We’ve all had a good time,” she said John out of.

But modeling is not the farmer’s only hobby. He has been riding horses since he was eight years old. That probably also explains why John keeps 27 horses on his farm with a lot of love and affection. “A horse can break everything but your heart”he quipped.