These snapshots speak for themselves! Timon Krause (28) and Ekaterina Leonova (36) met in this year’s Let’s Dance season, where the latter had taught her protégé to dance. During the course of the show, the mentalist and the dancer are said to have become quite close and are now a couple. As well as Timon and Ekat have so far been silent on the speculation – however, these pictures fuel new rumors of love!

On photosthe Picture are available, the two can be seen together on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne. Timon and Ekat seemed extremely boisterous and seemed to enjoy each other’s company. The 28-year-old snapped some shots of the Russian native, smiling for the camera as the beauty posed. Together or not, one thing is certain: Ekaterina and her companions didn’t seem to want to hide.

Everything points to a romance between the two. Finally have themselves Timon and his longtime girlfriend Sarah split up. And also Ekaterina is no longer with entrepreneur Hasan Kivran, to whom the 36-year-old was even engaged.