She seeks closeness to her admirers! Helene Fischer (38) is currently rocking the stage as part of her “Rausch” tour and is probably enjoying it to the fullest. Precisely because she had to keep her fans waiting for a long time due to her rib fracture, the singer now seems all the happier to be able to perform again. During their concert in Dortmund, there was a touching moment: Helene quickly brought one of her younger fans onto the stage!

How Picture reported that the blonde had just started her song “Our Day” when she noticed a boy in the audience. He held a poster with the inscription “Helene, I want to sing with you!” up. Helenes The bodyguard then paved the way for the fan to the stage and the little one was allowed to stand next to the hit queen. The musician encouraged her audience to sing with her and then hugged the boy warmly. At the end, her fan could look forward to thunderous applause.

Not only he could look forward to a hug from the singer – too Helenes Dearest Thomas Seitel, who takes part in her performances as a dancer. During a concert in Hamburg Helene sensually cuddled with her partner and also kissed him passionately.