Paul Janke (41) does not have a good picture of Eva Benetatou (31)! When the reality stars fought, it first seemed as if the original bachelor and the brunette got along really well. It all looked like a flirtation, so there was even a little date from the production. But obviously the spark did not jump over the blond boy. Well find Paul even rather harsh words about Eva!

In its Instagram-Story he reveals that he never found Eva likeable before the show. This only changed when they met in person, but in the end the beauty showed her true face. “If you keep watching now, I think you can also see that her true character came through a bit and I actually have the same opinion now that I had before the show.”disclosed Paul. It just took a while for him to really get to know her.

But what exactly bothers the TV star about Eva’s character? The 41-year-old explains that he disliked blasphemy about the father of Eva’s child Chris Broy (34) and fellow candidates. Her behavior after the show is also not okay: “To say that others were hunting for men and they missed the format. Eva, I think you have to reflect on yourself.”