Is that the reason for Ekaterina Leonova’s (36) breakup? The Let’s Dance beauty had been with the Turkish entrepreneur Hasan Kivran for a few months. Her time on the dance show was a bit tumultuous due to his jealousy. A few days ago, rumors circulated that both the professional dancer and her dance partner Timon Krause (28) had ended their relationships. Now there is more information about Ekat’s alleged breakup!

“She has seen his true colors behind the initially very charming, generous, thoughtful mask. He is anything but that!”an insider tells Picture out of. Despite the split from Hasan, Ekat is doing well, the source continues. So far, neither the dancer nor the millionaire have commented on the rumors.

After “Let’s Dance” looked like Ekat and Timon even kissed, the entrepreneur is said to have completely freaked out. As the newspaper reported, Hasan angrily called the dancer and demanded that she come to Munich immediately. She probably did, too, as she wasn’t spotted at the usual after-show party.