Tragic news came out of Colorado when it was announced that Dylan Bazzell, a Prairie Central student, and fellow student Drew Fehr passed away Sunday night at the Copper Mountain Ski Resort.

Dylan had a strong passion for athletics and played on multiple football and basketball teams, including his recent recognition as one of The Associated Press’s first all-state basketball members this year.

Local authorities are still conducting an investigation to discover more details about the sleigh accident.

Basketball was certainly Dylan’s aptitude, as he assisted his team, the Hawks, to their successful 31-3 record, Illini Prairie Conference championship, regional title, and No. 1 ranking in Class 2A.

In addition, his football skills allowed him to hold multiple positions such as kicker, receiver, and defensive back for the Hawks, allowing him to participate in numerous leagues and win many titles.

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Death of Dylan Bazzell: Mountain sledding accident

Tragedy struck Sunday night at Copper Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado when two seniors, Dylan Bazzell and Drew Fehr, died following a sledding accident.

The boys had traveled there for a holiday and were about to return home when the incident happened.

Local sources provided further insight into the event, stating that medical assistance had been provided at 8:35 p.m., but it was too late to save them.

This tragedy left their families and friends speechless and shattered as news of their passing spread like wildfire across the media. It is heartbreaking to think about what could have happened had it not happened, but all that can be done now is to pray for these young people and hope for a better future for all others who, through unexpected circumstances, meet a similar fate undergo.

Dylan Bazzell Obituary: Social Media Tributes

Dylan Bazzell was a cheerful, caring person who loved sports. His sudden death shocked his friends and the entire school, with people paying tribute to him online.

Through Twitter and other social media sources, we can see heartfelt messages commemorating the lost senior, with many comforting words spoken in his honor.

It is truly heartbreaking to know that someone so young’s life was cut short by such an unexpected event, but it warms hearts to see how much people care about them and how willing they are to remember them in this way. Dylan’s loss touches many hearts as he lives on in memories shared online.

Who are Dylan Bazzell’s parents? Meet his family

Darin and Lynette Bazzell have taken an unimaginable blow with the death of their son, Dylan Bazzell. Both parents are teachers in the Prairie Central school district and have been very supportive of Dylan’s ambitions from day one.

It seems that his father is a former high school basketball star, having coached his son in his favorite sport. Evidence on Facebook suggests a close family bond between all members, though little is known about Dylan’s other possible siblings.

The entire community, including friends, colleagues and family, joins the Bazzells in mourning the loss, as well as another student who fell victim to the same accident.

Their prayers go out for both families at this difficult time and wish them strength and comfort as they deal with the tragedy that has befallen them.