Jasmin Herren (44) gives love a place in her life again! The musician had to cope with a stroke of fate in 2020: her husband, the entertainer Willi Herren, had died unexpectedly – the Ballermann star was only 45 years old. After the heavy loss, his widow mourned the loss of the man from Cologne. In the meantime, however, some time has passed and jasmine has opened her heart again: She’s dating a new man!

Across from Picture the beauty announced the good news: “I’ve been dating a man for a month!” The singer did not reveal who her chosen one is, but raved about him: “So far he’s doing me very well. He’s doing everything right!” jasmine but also asserted: They are currently only dating – there is no talk of a relationship yet.

After willis (✝45) Death had itself jasmine withdrawn for a long time and did not let a new man into her life. A few weeks ago, however, she made it clear: she is looking forward to a breath of fresh air. “The feeling of still being married is gone now. I’m cautiously ready to meet a new man”she explained.

Source: celebtap.com