Melanie Martin doubts. Aaron Carter (✝34) and his on-off girlfriend melanie became parents of a son in November 2021. About a year later, on November 5, 2022, the pop singer was killed. His housekeeper found him dead in his bathtub. A few days later, Nick Carter’s brother (43) was cremated. The cause of death was finally announced on Tuesday evening, six months after his death. Aaron died of a drug death. That prompts melanie but not to end with the death of her boyfriend.

“The results of the autopsy are not a conclusion for me. It is said that death was by drowning, but it was also said that he wore a t-shirt and necklace in the bath, which doesn’t make sense because why would he get into a bath with clothes on?”voiced melanie her doubts in an interview with TMZ. She really wonders if the assumed sequence of events makes sense. For the mother it is clear that after the publication of the autopsy report she has more questions than answers.

Published on Tuesday evening TMZ the autopsy results. The former child star is said to have sniffed difluoroethane, a pressurizing agent in aerosol cans, and took prescription pills. The drug cocktail left him incapacitated, after which he is said to have slipped and drowned in his bathtub.