Blake Shelton (46) was speechless at the sight of his Gwen Stefani (53). The country musician met his wife when they both sat on the jury of the talent show The Voice. The No Doubt singer joined the judges in 2014, but it took almost two seasons for them to really bond. The two are now happily married. and Blake sometimes even forgets that his gwen is a star.

“I forget her every day Gwen Stefani is,” says Blake in the People-Interview. He only remembers this when he sees her coming out of the dressing room in her stage outfit before her performances: “I literally almost passed out when I saw her.” For him this fact is “cool”, but in his private life he is often not aware of how iconic his celebrity status actually is. “When I bring her on stage with me or go to one of her shows, it’s like a reminder that she’s this icon,” explains the 46-year-old.

gwen made her husband speechless not only with her stage presence. At her wedding, she also overwhelmed him with her marriage vows. “What touched me was that they over mine [verstorbenen] brother and my father spoke as if she had known them”remembered Blake across from People. It was a moment he will probably never forget.