Ed Sheeran (32) is one of the most successful singers of the current time. With his music, the musician took the hearts of his fans by storm – but that wasn’t always the case! As a child, school was anything but easy for him. Because of his stutter and his glasses, he was teased from day one. But at some point it was over Eds Stuttering – and the music of Eminem (50) helped him!

“I’ve done all kinds of speech therapy,” says the singer “The Howard Stern Show”. However, it was a very special gift that brought the desired success Ed: “When I was nine, my uncle bought me the Marshall Mathers LP. […] By learning this record and rapping over and over again, I was able to overcome my stutter.” In the meantime, the two even know each other quite well, the redhead reveals: “I’ve known him for six years now and we did three songs together, I played with him on stage twice.”

had the speech disorder Ed developed after laser treatment on the face. A mole near his eye had been removed, but doctors forgot to numb his face. The “Thinking Out Loud” singer developed the stutter as a result of the great pain he felt during the treatment.

Source: celebtap.com