Verena Kerth (41) probably imagined it differently! The German moderator has not been quiet for a few months: first she got engaged to her lover Marc Terenzi (44) during the jungle camp filming in January, then he made some negative headlines with allegations of abuse. Now the blonde herself is under attack: She advertises a miracle weight loss drug online – and her fans are not at all enthusiastic about it!

On Instagram the 41-year-old shares an advertising video for diet gummy bears: “Not only does it help you to curb hunger, but it also tastes delicious,” she writes enthusiastically under her clip. But numerous fans find it totally wrong that she is promoting it. “It’s a shame that you really have to advertise with rubbish like this and simply make yourself unsympathetic.” and “These things only make your followers’ wallets easier,” comment two outraged users. Another follower says that she no longer wants to follow the blonde: “Now I’m really disappointed … and boom, credibility is gone.”

In her video shines Verena very carefree and totally happy in the camera – a few weeks ago it looked quite different. She collapsed due to the great stress of the past few months: “It’s understandable, isn’t it? If you follow the reporting of the last few days, it’s only human.”she recently explained to RTL.