This is how her outlook on life changed! Laura Maack became known for her role as Paula Habich in the RTL2 series Berlin – Day & Night. She has been part of the popular reality TV show with her dog Mucki since 2014, making her one of the longest-lasting actresses. The actress also shares insights from her private everyday life online. Now Laura told how the view of her life has changed in recent years.

In the RTL2interview, she said that she has often been asked if she feels different or older now. This was not the case for the actress. “Well, somehow you always felt the same,” reveals Laura. “I’m at a point where I dare to make decisions that I wouldn’t otherwise have dared to do. In other words, get out of my comfort zone.”the “Berlin – Day & Night” actress also admitted.

This is very difficult for the 35-year-old, because she usually needs routine and familiarity. “Just jumping into the cold water, I’m in it now,” Laura said proudly. She also reported on the things that contributed to this change: “If you expect yourself […] Change things and that doesn’t happen, then you have to change something yourself.”