David Jackson apparently took the conversation with Lisa Mieschke very differently! As part of his search for great love, this year’s bachelor cast his eye on one candidate in particular: Because the woman from Potsdam was happy about the first kiss. In the current episode, however, the pretty brunette communicated that she was disappointed with the little time she had with the content creator and even questioned the vibe between the two. Across from celebrity flash reveals Davidbut that this conversation has brought the two quite a step forward!

While Lisa worried about the connection between her and the bachelor reveals David across from celebrity flash: He sees great potential in the 32-year-old! “At Lisa and I was seen how to speak and treat each other with respect despite different points of view. Addressing feelings, being open and paying attention instead of just preparing to speak up against each other’s arguments.” David appreciate.

The influencer, who lives in Dubai, also reveals that he therefore has positive memories of the conversation. “In my opinion, nothing ‘weakened’ the vibe here, but in the end strengthened the bond and openness to each other”, he clarifies. So it remains exciting to see how things continue between the two in the next few episodes. What do you think? Vote!

Source: celebtap.com