She’s mad! The designer Victoria Beckham (48) has to justify herself again and again because of her figure. Now Rio Ferdinand (44), an ex-teammate of her husband David Beckham (47), is also taunting the former Spice Girls’ eating habits and claims that he has never seen her eat in their years of friendship. According to an insider, Victoria is said to be really angry about his comment!

An insider now claims opposite Mirrorthat the former singer was very sad and upset about the comments of a supposed friend: “She won’t tolerate it. She’s shocked that a girl’s father thinks it’s okay to talk about a woman’s eating habits like that.” As a media professional, Rio could have easily avoided the question, the insider continues.

Victoria has had to deal with comments and derogatory remarks about her body shape and eating habits her entire career. “Rio’s statements made old traumas come up again in Victoria”the insider explains about Victoria’s state of mind.