Victoria Swarovski (29) was able to open her heart to a new man! It was only last January that the presenter confirmed that her marriage was closed Werner Murz failed after six years. But already at Easter, the moderator announced that she was in safe hands again: her new partner is Mark Mateschitz (31) – the richest man in Austria. At a football game, the two were seen in public for the first time. Now Victoria is finally commenting on her relationship status…

As part of the film festival, Victoria attended an event in Cannes – but without the Red Bull heir. In the RTL-Interview, however, she lets herself be carried away to a brief statement about her love life and her newfound happiness with her sweetheart. “I’m happy! That’s all I’ll say about it”, is her short statement. So she wants to keep details about her happiness to herself.

Victoria has not yet commented on her marriage – the management had confirmed the separation with a brief statement. The Let’s Dance fame and her husband would have separated in agreement and would like privacy.