Severo Sinverguenza’s video that went viral on Twitter has drawn a lot of attention to the bakery’s phallus-shaped desserts and unique approach to customer service.

Severo Sinvergüenza, a dessert shop in Cali, Colombia, has caught the attention of social media and news outlets with its phallus-shaped desserts and distinctive approach to customer service.

The store specializes in waffles and desserts in the shape of male g*nitals, which have received a lot of attention online.

The store’s employees have a unique way of serving their customers, including simulating erotic situations with desserts.

As a result, videos of employees serving customers in such a suggestive manner have gone viral on social media, especially Twitter, with mixed reactions from viewers.

Despite the controversy, the store has gained popularity, with long queues of people, including women, waiting to try their unique offerings.

One of the employees, a 27-year-old Venezuelan named Ray Cabrera, has become famous for his commercials for the store and his videos have been widely shared on social media.

The store’s customer base, particularly among female customers, remains unaffected by the controversy, with at least 300 women waiting in line at the store.

Some women even enjoyed the experience without feeling disrespected.

In response to the controversy, the store posted a statement in Spanish on its Facebook page, emphasizing training employees to act respectfully and obtain customer consent.

The statement also banned any action that crossed the line between pleasure and sensuality and clarified that the store takes no responsibility for such actions within the customer’s premises.

Despite the criticism, many people, especially women, enjoy the desserts served at the store, leading to growing interest and long queues of customers waiting for the establishment’s unique offerings.