Karely Ruiz is making a name for himself and setting trends on OnlyFans. Already one of the most popular models in Mexico, 22-year-old Ruiz has quickly become one of the most successful users on the platform since joining earlier this year.

She has solidified her position as the second-highest-earning Mexican on OnlyFans, showing off her captivating personality to great effect.

Her entry into the adult entertainment industry was met with great anticipation, and along with her willingness to take on new challenges, she has found success within a relatively short period of time.

In recent hours, Karely has become an internet sensation with her private clip leaked on Twitter.

According to reports, it was a video from her OnlyFans channel of her teaming up with another woman.

The subscription to this channel costs $16 per month which is about 300 Mexican pesos. After being made aware of the situation, Ruiz took to her social networks to comment on it and confirm that she intends to release the clip exclusively on her paid subscription page.

She noted that someone illegally took the video off her page and made it public without permission. Her words shocked her followers as she eased their curiosity about the situation.

The model explained that she is unhappy about her video being leaked as it is unfair to those who pay to see it.

However, she also admitted that these types of mishaps could often boost her popularity and earnings, leading to a conflict of interest.

Despite this, she said she was not motivated to take legal action against the distribution of the video, seeing it more as an opportunity and less as a nuisance.