Did the jury praise Philipp Boy (35) for no reason? The gymnast is currently dancing with Patricija Ionel (28) weekly at Let’s Dance. Last Friday, the duo even scored 60 points – the highest number of points that could be achieved throughout the evening. In today’s show, too, the athlete was able to get full points for his Paso Doble. The spectators are with me Phillips However, the jury did not agree!

“I don’t quite understand why it gets 30 points, but okay,” says one of many users Twitter. Other users also express their incomprehension on the platform. “I don’t know, folks. Of the love Philip stood up and stood up more Patricija waited or they lifted than danced” or “Do the other couples get 40 points? That can’t be true,” other viewers remark. A fan also notices that the jury is too Philip probably always be particularly nice. “He can dance well, of course, but they are very involved with the rating,” he writes.

On the other hand, participant Timon Krause (28) should always be intentionally rated worse by the jurors – especially by Joachim Llambi (58). “Llambi just stressed that for him Timon drive home without saying it and after just one dance”, a user expresses outrage after the short dance routine at the start. Another user already expresses an assumption: “Definitely gets it timons Paso Doble is less than 30 points.”

Source: celebtap.com