Til Schweiger (59) protests his innocence. A few weeks ago, the film “Manta, Manta – Zwoter Teil” premiered, in which the actor not only played the leading role, but also worked as a director. However, there were several incidents on the set. Some crew members described situations in which till allegedly harassed and verbally abused employees. In at least one case he is said to have even become violent. But till denies these allegations!

Loud Mirrorwho reported on the allegations, is a statement from Tils lawyer before. Accordingly, some of the facts presented in the article are “not known” to her client. In addition, he would be accused of “alleged facts that did not exist”. There have been rumors of this kind for years that are “wrongly presented as actual”. The production company Constantin Film also emphasized that the allegations were “predominantly incomplete and distorting, and in some cases simply wrong”.

The riots probably happened after till is said to have turned up drunk on the set during a day of shooting in July 2022. An employee of the production company then informed him that he could not work in this condition. The 59-year-old swayed and slurred. “You could tell right away that he was aggressive”described an eyewitness.

Source: celebtap.com