The Germany’s next top model walks are not well received by the viewers this year. In this year’s season, Heidi Klum (49) surprises the fans and their young models with numerous crazy tasks for the catwalk: The girls have had to answer quiz questions or come up with their own wild styles, which is why they cross the catwalk like zombies or penguins, for example waddled. And the walk of the current episode also annoys the fans…

In episode eleven, the models have to run through a ball pool. Far too dangerous, they think Twitter-Users! “It’s okay, if you break your ankles, just don’t let it show on your face,” commented one viewer ironically, for example. “Another stupid pointless walk to make fun of the girls” and “The walks have long been just chicanes,” others agree. The catwalk is not realistic and the situation is not entertaining because of the risk of injury.

Heidi also tried her luck in front of the guest judges Kilian Kerner and Anna Dello Russo (61) and strutted through the colorful balls – but even the supermodel couldn’t complete the walk without making a mistake! The model mom was probably not that enthusiastic about the walk at first either: “At first I thought it was a bit silly about the balls – but I actually think it’s cool”she explained.