This has never been the case with Bares for Rares! Walter Lehnertz (56) has been part of the dealer team of the junk show since the first season and haggles with his competitors for a wide variety of sales items. Now a painting has been targeted by the art and antiques dealer. The expert dr Friederike Werner estimated the price of the work at around 700 to 1,000 euros. But Waldi ruined everything!

After the expertise, the picture was taken to the dealer’s room and covered with a blanket. “Whoever is about to cover it, the object, may fall towards you,” dealers were warned. But Waldi replied: “Listen, we’re professionals.” He could just pull the fabric down. When he tried to lift the painting from the easel, however, he bumped into the middle of the canvas. “Nine and a half years it went well and now I’m breaking it”the Skate Fever contestant fretted.

After the mishap, Waldi said to the other traders: “I guess you’re all out now, so I’ll buy this on my own.” When he showed the seller the damage, he emphasized that he wanted to restore the painting and gave him 800 euros. The candidate had initially called a desired price of only 100 euros.